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The Pinnacle of Luxury & Experiential Travel Networking


Luxury travel leader, Virtuoso, partnered with Creative Hire to present the highly anticipated “Virtuoso on Tour – Destinations” at ICC Sydney.

Considering the tight schedules of travel advisors, transitioning from an evening event to a full-day professional development and networking experience was an anticipated challenge. Additionally, the event being held exclusively in Sydney meant a significant portion of members had to travel interstate, highlighting the need for Creative Hire to deliver a flawless event.

To minimise event fatigue, Creative Hire was tasked with orchestrating an immersive experience that would boost attraction and retention across the Australian and New Zealand membership base.

Organisers / Exhibitors
ICC Sydney – Level 4, C4 1 – 4.7
June 2023
Positano style themed exhibition shell scheme booth with Vespa prop for Virtuoso exhibition at ICC Sydney
Canada oversized letter feature in exhibition hall with shell scheme booth set up at Virtuoso roadshow at ICC Sydney


In response to the challenge at hand, Creative Hire proposed a comprehensive solution that revitalised the traditional event format. The result was a dynamic full-day experience with six distinct destination “pavilions” or rooms, each hosting Virtuoso Preferred Partners.

Each room was meticulously curated as a continent, showcasing Creative Hire’s design expertise. Notably, the Canada room featured striking red carpet, dividers, 3D foam cut-out lettering and a large graphic backdrop.

Design was again at the forefront of the solution as partners were encouraged to utilise Creative Hire’s services to elevate and tailor their 3×3 booths constructed from our Eclipse shell scheme. Attendees could effectively immerse themselves in one region before transitioning to the next destination, ensuring heightened engagement. Strategically positioning booths within destination pavilions proved strategic in reducing the ambient noise that often characterises larger exhibition halls.

Creative Hire’s innovative approach injected an element of fun and surprise as they assisted key sponsor, Colette, to create their Champagne Wall. This interactive feature involved service staff behind a ”green wall” passing through glasses of champagne when attendees rang the bell. With only the hand coming through the green wall visible to guests, The Advisor Appreciation Cocktail Party was transformed into a dynamic experience. This not only heightened attendee engagement but also sparked the creation of User-Generated Content (UGC) and substantial local trade media coverage.

Cosy winter home themed exhibition shell scheme booth for Switzerland tourism at Virtuoso roadshow at ICC Sydney
Virtuoso custom branded registration desk outside exhibition hall at ICC Sydney


In crafting this transformative solution, Creative Hire’s collaboration with Virtuoso yielded an exceptional event experience. Virtuoso was thrilled with the outcome, which not only surpassed objectives but also set a new benchmark for excellence, hinting at possible new directions for future events. Survey results indicated an impressive 100% of participants believed the event’s objectives had been accomplished

Creative Hire’s strategic planning, innovative design and meticulous execution elevated the event beyond expectations, cementing their role as essential partners in Virtuoso’s success

Western style themed exhibition shell scheme booth at Virtuoso at ICC Sydney
Blue lanterns inside shell scheme, beige furniture at Virtuoso at ICC Sydney

Inspired by Virtuoso’s experience? 

You bring the brief, we’ll blitz it.

Inspired by Virtuoso’s experience? 

You bring
the brief,
we’ll blitz it.

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