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VERVE Symposium

Blue and Orange BD exhibition stand for VERVE Symposium at ICC Sydney

Bringing together International Experts in Vascular Education


The annual VERVE Symposium delivers the latest advancements and techniques in vascular and endovascular intervention, providing attendees with a packed program delivered by internationally renowned experts in the field. Based on their reputation for delivering seamless executions of this calibre, Creative Hire was engaged by VERVE Organisers to deliver this highly respected educational Symposium.

After a cancelled VERVE in 2020, and disruptions in 2021 due to the global pandemic, the success of the 9th face-to-face VERVE Symposium in 2022 was crucial. A key challenge in 2022 was the event floor plan, as the Symposium navigated an increase in floor space with the transition from the Parkside Ballroom to The Gallery within the ICC Sydney.

VERVE Organisers also tasked Creative Hire with delivering a registration desk and engaging 3×3 exhibition stands for the Symposium sponsors and supporters. The Creative Hire team worked closely with 3 of the top-tiered sponsors to create custom stands, illustrating the diverse requirements of the Symposium and their ability to be agile and responsive while providing a variety of different services

VERVE Symposium
Exhibition / Organisers
The Gallery – ICC Sydney
September 2023
Registration area at ICC Sydney Gallery for VERVE Symposium
Phillips Shell Scheme Exhibition Stand at ICC Sydney Gallery for VERVE Symposium


Transitioning to an increased floor space presented its challenges however in consultation with VERVE Organisers, Creative Hire designed a floor plan that focused on driving engagement to exhibitor stands. Attendee flow was critical in ensuring a successful Symposium so the inclusion of a 3×1 registration desk with a small storage area was a practical solution to assist in defining zones within the overall area.

Moving to The Gallery also allowed the Symposium to offer its top-tiered sponsors the opportunity to execute prominent custom stands due to the additional floor space available. Creative Hire designed and managed the build of large 36 sqm custom stands, for Cook Medical, BD Bard and Biotronik. Central to the design of each stand were large custom signage panels and the use of light boxes, which assisted in educating attendees on the latest products and innovations. Lounge and networking areas alongside accessories for product display, featured on these custom stands, providing the opportunity to effectively collaborate and connect.

Creative Hire selected the Octanorm system to form the basis of the 13 striking 3×3 exhibition stands offered to all other sponsors and supporters. Featuring a curved back wall with prominent graphic panels and arm lighting, these exhibition stands attracted a hub of activity throughout the 3-day Symposium. Attendees were able to engage further with these stands and sponsor offerings as they included large AV screens on where required.

VERVE Organisers further increased the sophistication of the Symposium by arranging the delivery of two sound-proofed theatres from Belgium, featuring state-of-the-art glass panelling. This provided attendees with access to operating theatres in Australia and around the world, where live and recorded cases of the latest surgical techniques were performed by global experts in the field. The theatres were allocated to opposite sides of the floorplan with the Creative Hire custom-designed stands for top tier sponsors placed in between. This in turn automatically captured the flow of attendees moving between the theatres.


Creative Hire’s thoughtful approach to the floor plan and well-executed delivery of a diverse range of requirements is a testament to their ability to be responsive and agile throughout the Symposium.

From the delivery of custom stands for top-tier sponsors, to sponsor stands, Creative Hire displayed the flexibility that is essential for a successful Symposium and ensured VERVE Organisers and sponsors were pleased with the outcome.

After a couple of unsettled years, the success of the 2022 VERVE Symposium confirmed its reputation as an educational authority in the field of vascular surgery. Due to the strong partnership fostered with Creative Hire while planning for 2022, combined with the sheer passion of the VERVE Organisers to deliver an exceptional event, 2023 will see the Symposium celebrate its 10th anniversary and continue delivering expertise to all who attend.

Cook Medical Exhibition Stand at ICC Sydney Gallery for VERVE Symposium
Networking area and speaker stage VERVE Symposium at ICC Sydney

Inspired by VERVE’s experience? 

You bring the brief, we’ll blitz it.

Inspired by VERVE’s experience? 

You bring
the brief,
we’ll blitz it.

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