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Raw Marketing for Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Black Luna Shell Scheme Exhibition stand with crowd at HPE in Ballroom

Modernise your Enterprise at HPE Discover 2023


Raw Marketing faced a set of unique challenges in executing the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Discover More 2023 roadshow, held at the Star Event Centre in Sydney and the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Melbourne. The roadshow comprised consecutive shows in different states, requiring Creative Hire to supply two separate build and installation teams.

Creative Hire had to prioritise flexibility in the stand’s design and execution to allow seamless adjustments while accommodating the diverse needs of HPE’s sponsors. Additionally, to meet partner expectations, Creative Hire needed to ensure flawless execution.

Raw Marketing
The Star & Ritz Carlton
October 2023


Creative Hire’s expertise extended to the floorplan design, providing recommendations and customised floorplans tailored to the venues’ specifications. Considering the slight differences in configuration and numbers at the Star Event Centre and Ritz Carlton, the team ensured that each venue had an optimised layout that enhanced the overall attendee experience.

The HPE stand was a central information hub, designed by Creative Hire to be the focal point of the show. Utilising our black Luna shell scheme system framing with fabric banner graphics and wrapped counters, the stand showcased a new design that aligned with the evolving brand image. Flexibility in the design of the stand allowed different sections to accommodate the diverse needs of HPE’s partners (including Intel and Microsoft), ranging from Bronze to Platinum sponsorship levels.

The use of our innovative tech pods further redefined the exhibition experience by seamlessly blending functionality with brand presence. These smart design installations featured lockable storage, providing a secure space for valuable items and event swag. The integration of dynamic LED lighting enhanced the visual appeal of the pods, creating an engaging atmosphere for attendees as they networked with exhibitors throughout the event spaces. By incorporating LCD screens on the back wall of the display, this feature facilitated impactful product demonstrations, allowing sponsors to showcase their offerings with clarity and sophistication. Further, key areas were allocated for sponsor branding with the main facade of the tech pods reserved for HPE event branding which provided a consistent look and feel. 

Creative Hire meticulously arranged two distinct build and installation teams, each focusing on Sydney and Melbourne respectively, to ensure a precise execution in both roadshow locations. Careful logistics planning, included priority air freight to ensure fabric banners could be used across both locations, guaranteeing brand consistency and promoting reusability.


Creative Hire’s meticulous planning ensured the Discover More 2023 roadshow not only met but far exceeded the aspirations of Raw Marketing, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and their partners. The team’s strategic approach to the challenges, flexibility and strong attention to detail, played a pivotal role in ensuring the roadshow’s success, setting a high standard for future events.

Colourful exhibition stand with Luna Shell Scheme, tv screen at the Star Sydney
Colourful exhibition stand with Luna Shell Scheme, tv screen at the Star Sydney

Inspired by Raw Marketing’s experience? 

You bring the brief, we’ll blitz it.

Inspired by Raw Marketing’s experience? 

You bring
the brief,
we’ll blitz it.

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