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Association Professionals for SIES

Cook Medical SIES Exhibition stand Association Professionals Hilton Sydney

Delivering Cutting-Edge Practices in Endoscopy


Creative Hire united with the Association Professionals to deliver the 2023 Sydney International Endoscopy Symposium (SIES). An annual gathering dedicated to comprehensive education, demonstrations, and networking in diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy, SIES is a showcase for the latest advancements and a catalyst for industry collaboration. The 2023 symposium signified the long-awaited return of the first inperson gathering since 2019, which emphasised the need for Creative Hire to orchestrate a seamless and exceptional outcome.

The symposium faced the key challenge of creating spaces that effectively engaged sponsors while simultaneously prioritising accessibility and captivating delegates.

It was crucial that Creative Hire provide a meticulous floor plan to ensure a seamless flow of delegates and meet the diverse needs and expectations of sponsors. Additionally, Creative Hire was engaged to design custom solutions for standout features like the Olympus Delegate Lounge and the Cook Medical stand, adding another layer of sophistication and innovation to the prestigious symposium.

Association Professionals for Sydney International Endoscopy Symposium
Exhibition / Conferences
Hilton Sydney – Level 3 Foyer
March 2023


Create Hire delivered a cohesive arrangement of 14x 3x3m and 5x 6x3m Eclipse shell scheme booths to create an inviting floor plan for sponsors and delegates. The booths were thoughtfully equipped with digitally printed fascia signage, arm lighting, and power supply, resulting in a polished setup to attract delegates.

A standout on the symposium floor was the custom 6x6m build for Cook Medical. Constructed with the versatile BeMatrix system, the booth featured seamless fabric banners spanning almost 5m long and over 2m high to convey key messaging. BeMatrix wall panels defined the booth’s boundaries and connected the storage area, while counters were used along the open edges to enhance brand presence. Creative Hire captivated delegates by integrating two large screens to stream live transmissions from the state-of-the-art endoscopy suite at Westmead Hospital.

Creative Hire’s design extended to the 6x6m Olympus Delegate Lounge, featuring two 6m wall panels with striking digital fabric prints that enhanced the overall aesthetic. The inclusion of various seating styles and a charge bar enticed delegates to spend time in the open-plan lounge, fostering interaction and networking opportunities.


Creative Hire’s comprehensive solution successfully combined elements that thoroughly impressed Association Professionals and their sponsors whilst captivating delegates. 

Through meticulous planning, innovative design, and thoughtful execution, Creative Hire ensured a compelling symposium experience that far exceeded expectations and solidified its reputation as a leader in creating impactful event spaces.

The Creative Hire team took the time to understand our needs and those of our sponsors and delegates. Working within the venue space, accounting for catering, health and safety aspects, they were able to create, build and deliver an excellent exhibition space that exceeded our expectations.”

Sonia Daniels, Conference Manager, Association Professionals for SIES.

Inspired by Association Professionals’ experience? 

You bring the brief, we’ll blitz it.

Inspired by Association Professionals’ experience? 

You bring
the brief,
we’ll blitz it.

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