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Arinex for Sydney World Pride

Blackboard message wall for the SWP Human Rights Conference at ICC Sydney

Creating a safe, free & equal world at Human Rights Conference


Partnering with Arinex, Creative Hire was entrusted with the responsibility of delivering the Sydney World Pride Human Rights Conference Exhibition at The Gallery ICC Sydney. This monumental event marked the largest gathering of human rights defenders, community members, government representatives, philanthropists and corporate leaders committed to LGBTQIA+ rights in the Asia Pacific region.

Creative Hire was tasked with delivering multiple areas to promote connection within the exhibition space, including counselling rooms, the First Nations room, Presenter’s Corner, a message wall and the Destination NSW Lounge. Additionally, Creative Hire was enlisted by Equality Australia to orchestrate their unique display.

The challenges faced in delivering a seamless experience were further amplified due to the sensitive topics addressed by activators and the presence of international participants unfamiliar with exhibition requirements. Recognising that disruptions or inconveniences would hinder the event’s overall impact and effectiveness, Creative Hire made it their top priority to ensure a flawless execution.

Arinex for Sydney World Pride
Exhibition / Events
The Gallery – ICC Sydney
March 2023


With delegate satisfaction at the forefront, Creative Hire gave priority to signage and a cohesive flow within The Gallery. Providing clear guidance to ensure delegates could navigate the exhibition comfortably, Creative Hire strategically divided the floor plan into themed zones (Health and Wellbeing, Visibility and Inclusion, Justice and Freedom and Community & Culture). This effectively supported and guided delegates in their exploration of the event, maximising the overall impact.

With a strong emphasis on well-being and creating meaningful connections, Creative Hire expertly designed the 60SQM Destination NSW Lounge. This inviting space was carefully crafted to foster a welcoming atmosphere, featuring a stunning 10m long fabric banner strategically illuminated by arm lighting.

The vibrant 12x6m Presenter’s Corner was a standout feature of the exhibition, expertly designed by the Creative Hire team. The space utilised the Eclipse framing system to craft the backdrops adorned with impactful graphics and boasted 2 stand-alone screens, a podium and a range of seating options carefully selected to cater to the diverse audience.

Delegates welcomed the comforting ambience of the Counselling Rooms, consisting of four structures created with Eclipse wall panels and thoughtfully arranged seating. Additionally, Creative Hire constructed the First Nations room from their versatile schell scheme, delivering a culturally sensitive space to honour Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. These thoughtfully designed spaces provided a sense of comfort and inclusivity, enhancing the overall experience.

Creative Hire built the engaging Message Wall titled “Message of Solidarity” by fitting 6m of wall flats and covering them with chalkboard paint. This innovative addition provided a supportive and interactive element that encouraged delegates to participate and share their positive thoughts.


Arinex was highly impressed with the success of the Sydney World Pride Human Rights Conference Exhibition, made possible by Creative Hire’s meticulous attention to detail, commitment to delegate satisfaction, and thoughtful design elements. Creative Hire’s expertise and dedication to delivering outstanding results have solidified its reputation as a trusted event partner.

Arinex SWP NSW stand with furniture and wall graphics at Human Rights Conference ICC Sydney

Inspired by Arinex’s experience? 

You bring the brief, we’ll blitz it.

Inspired by Arinex’s experience? 

You bring
the brief,
we’ll blitz it.

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