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4 Reasons Why You Need to Engage a Professional Conference Organiser

Planning an event or exhibition stand is much like navigating a maze. You’re making quick decisions, weighing up possibilities and taking calculated risks at every turn whilst managing expectations and focusing on positive experiences. This delicate balance of planning and producing amazing events has become increasingly challenging, particularly with the rise of virtual and hybrid events, where the dynamics and logistics differ significantly from traditional in-person gatherings.

There is little room for error and you want to ensure that all stakeholders have equal access to networking, professional development, brand promotion, community building or revenue generation opportunities. In short, you want right people on your team who know what it takes to get the job done right and this is where the expertise of a professional conference organiser truly shines.

From their skilful use of resource management through to their ability to handle crises with grace, we uncover how these experts can elevate your next event from ordinary to extraordinary.

What is Professional Conference Organiser?

Professional Conference Organisers, or PCOs, are specialised event management companies that provide a comprehensive range of services for planning, organising and executing conferences, conventions, symposiums or other large-scale events. PCOs also typically offer various skill sets to assist with venue selection, logistics management, marketing and promotion, registration services, speaker coordination, audiovisual production, catering or post-event evaluation, dependant on your needs and budget parameters.

Ultimately, PCOs bring a wealth of experience and specialised knowledge to the table. They have likely organised events across multiple industries and venues, both locally and globally. They understand what works, stay up to date with the latest trends and know how to turn potential challenges or risks into opportunities for success.

Here’s 4 reasons why you should consider a PCO for your next event or exhibition:

1. Time Saving and Resource Efficiencies

A PCO can handle time-consuming tasks such as venue selection, vendor negotiations and even registration management. They can serve as a central point of contact for all stakeholders involved in the event, including vendors, sponsors, speakers and even attendees to streamline communications and alleviate your time to concentrate on other tasks. By streamlining communication channels, a PCO can ensure that all your information is effectively conveyed and responses are prompt, reducing delays or misunderstandings during the pre, during and post event phases.

PCOs can also efficiently allocate resources, ensuring that every aspect of the event is covered. Whether it’s allocating funds for marketing initiatives, securing sponsorships or managing operational expenses, they have expertise across every aspect of the event planning phase to ensure that resources are allocated strategically to achieve the desired outcomes. Now, who wouldn’t want to reap those benefits?

2. Leverage Industry Connections

One of the most valuable benefits of hiring a PCO is their extensive network and established relationships within the event industry. PCOs have cultivated strong connections with a wide range of vendors, including venues, caterers, audiovisual (AV) providers, decorators and more. These relationships are built on trust, reliability and mutual understanding, allowing PCOs to leverage their network to the advantage of their clients.

With their finger on the pulse, PCOs are often privy to insider knowledge and exclusive opportunities that may not be readily available to others. They may even have access to coveted event venues or special deals and discounts from trusted vendors that can only be accessed when a client is aligned with that particular PCO. Ultimately, by tapping into their network, PCOs can negotiate favourable terms, secure better deals and ensure high-quality services for your brand.

For example, when VERVE organisers brought together international experts in vascular education, accessibility to the live operating theatres during the conference was paramount. As such, VERVE leveraged their connections in Belgium to deliver two sound-proofed theatres, featuring state-of-the-art glass panelling which provided attendees unprecedented access to the convention operating theatres both in Australia and around the world via live link. VERVE also ensured attendees had access to recorded cases of the latest surgical techniques that were performed by global experts in the field. Read more about the VERVE experience in our case study.

3. Event Apps, Tech and Advanced Tools

In today’s digital age, staying ahead of the curve is essential for delivering exceptional event experiences and PCOs excel in harnessing the latest cutting-edge technology. From innovative event management software and ticketless registrations through to immersive virtual platforms and live stream capabilities, PCOs can leverage technology and their industry connections to streamline every aspect of the event planning process.

In fact, according to Bizzabo, 67.5% of attendees consider it vital for events to offer a mobile event app. Whether it’s changes to the schedule, alerts about upcoming sessions, sponsor advertisements or emergency notifications, event apps can ensure that attendees stay informed and up-to-date throughout the event. But who has time to build an event app?

This is the perfect opportunity to engage your PCO! They can create the app with exclusive access to on-demand content, interactive maps, speaker profiles, key contact details and more – all at your attendees fingertips. Plus, by replacing traditional paper-based event materials such as agendas, brochures and promotional material with digital equivalents, event apps contribute to sustainability efforts by reducing paper waste and enhancing the events’ overall carbon footprint. Read more about how to Plan Greener Events in our latest blog article.

4. Crisis Management

PCOs are not just experts in event planning; they’re also masters of crisis management. What sets them apart is their proactive approach to crisis preparedness as they don’t just hope for the best; they prepare for the worst. Armed with comprehensive contingency plans forged through years of experience across various industries, they’ve encountered and solved nearly every challenge imaginable. From technical meltdowns and logistical nightmares through to media crisis or unexpected weather disruptions, PCOs are always one step ahead, ready to tackle any curveball that comes their way. For more tips on crisis management, checkout our latest blog on How to Effectivity 6 Common Risks in Event Planning.

With a PCO by your side, you’re not just getting event planning support – you’re gaining a strategic partner armed with a wealth of experience, industry connections and the latest tools. At Creative Hire, we partner with the top PCOs across Australia to deliver exceptional experiences from conventions and exhibitions through to roadshows and events. PCOs  handle the comprehensive event logistics and strategic planning, ensuring every detail aligns perfectly with your vision, while we ensure your event’s physical setup is executed flawlessly. Contact our team today and discover how this winning combination can guarantee success for your brand.

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