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From Shelves to Sales – 8 ways to perfect your retail pop up strategy

The power of a well-executed pop-up strategy cannot be underestimated. Temporary retail spaces offer brands a unique opportunity for customers to interact firsthand with your products, establishing a tangible connection that online platforms fail to replicate IRL (in real life). Particularly, if you’re a small to medium-sized business looking to boost revenue during seasonal periods, increase your market share on a budget and simultaneously align with your brand identity.

At Creative Hire, our team have over 10 years experience in designing stunning retail displays that create a big impact. You need a proven path to success in your investment and our team have collated a comprehensive guide to help you perfect your retail pop-up strategy.

1. Understanding your audience

Start by analysing who are your ideal customers. What resonates with them? What are their preferences? Where are they primarily located? You should also stay abreast of current market trends relevant to your industry and plan to integrate them into your pop up. This will encourage engagement and resonance with your target audience which will in turn boost sales and meet your objectives. Why not ask your shopping centre account manager what your competitors or similar brands have done in the space too, which aligns with your target audience. Work with them to identify gaps in the market or areas where these brands are falling short and you will have a good foundation to formulate your strategy. This competitive analysis will help carve out a unique positioning and help tailor your popup to the specific needs and desires of your audience.

2. Strategic Location Selection 

Choosing the right location for your pop-up space as well as preferred shopping centre geographical areas is also paramount. Consider which shopping centres your target audience are most likely to visit and then look at high-traffic areas within the precinct or physical store locations which align with your brand. For example, if you’re a homewares brand you may opt to be close to major retailers to maximise the foot-traffic overflow, if it aligns with your target audience. At Creative Hire, we have close relationships with leading retail precincts nationwide, so we’re well equipped to guide your location and precinct choice as well as manage the end-to-end process of single or multi-site requirements

3. Compelling Visual Merchandising

To stand out in a cluttered retail environment, it’s vital that you use visual merchandising to your advantage. Explore different heights and layering or product colour coordination to attract attention. You could test product placement in the pop up space too by moving impulse purchases or add-ons close to your best sellers and don’t underestimate the power of great signage and visuals.

If you want to really elevate your space, check out our new modular retail hire packages and fixtures designed to effortlessly transform your space into a dynamic product showcase.  Aptly named ‘SOL’, our new range offers brands effortless versatility with a guided approach to get you started in 5 easy steps. Download the retail hire brochure here.

4. Engage in Brand Storytelling

The graphics, signage and visuals you choose for your pop up space are also key to your strategy. Beyond merely attracting attention, these elements are compelling tools for engaging customers, extending their dwell time, improving the customer journey and transforming your pop up into a memorable experience. Aim for consistency in storytelling across graphics and signage which will reinforce your brand message and don’t forget to let your brand identity shine through too. Whether it’s a sense of humour, stylish appeal or the latest tech innovations, the visuals should reflect the unique traits that define your brand and set it apart in the marketplace.

5. Seamless Logistics and Operations

Don’t forget the permits, restrictions and guidelines! Shopping centres have a number of regulations you have to abide by when activating in their precinct to ensure a consistent and safe environment. By choosing a reliable partner, you can ensure seamless logistics and operations from setup to pack down. At Creative Hire, we take care of everything from ideation and design through to project management and installation. We’re well equipped with the knowledge and expertise to advise on relevant accessibility requirements and noise restrictions or insurances and maximum build heights when popping up in your preferred centre. You can count on us to take care of the details so you can focus on engaging with customers and maximising your sales opportunities.

6. Interactive Customer Experience

According to Forbes, “Companies with a customer experience mindset drive revenue 4-8% higher than the rest of their industries.”  Whether you’re popping up short-term or long-term throughout the retail season, you can still create an interactive and memorable customer experience that positively influences brand loyalty. Your staff are key to this aspect of the strategy and you need to get them on board prior to activating in your proposed locations. Be sure to provide adequate product training, demonstrations or customer programs exclusive to the pop-up that your staff can utilise in their customer conversations. You want to not only capture immediate sales but also lay the foundations for long-term customer loyalty and ensure a seamless and engaging experience that goes beyond a simple transaction.

7. Social Media Integration

From IRL to URL, you should also tap into your social media presence to amplify your pop up and brand reach. Why not encourage customers to share their in store experiences online with branded hashtags, live videos or run a competition to drive awareness of your pop up space. Don’t forget to consider your influencer strategy too. You can maximise this user-generated content (UGC) to your advantage and receive more brand visibility and reach than ever before. Consider working with influencers to engage in live product testing or demos at your pop up, shoot a time-lapse video or even participate in Q&A with staff. Remember, a thoughtfully executed social media strategy whether through influencer collaborations or direct from your brand will without doubt extend the lifespan and impact of your pop up.

8. Data-Driven Insights and Follow Up

In our growing digitally savvy world, there is a heightened focus on customer analytics and data capture that’s being leveraged to not only inform future campaigns but also enhance the overall retail  strategy. If your brand has the budget to invest in shopper analytics tools like heat mapping, foot traffic counters or wi-fi tracking, then go for it!  Alternatively, you can still track some great metrics through your POS system such as sales by date, product type, customer profiles or sales by staff. Be sure to consider bolstering the pop-up with a tailored email marketing campaign too. You can send exclusive offers, referral and loyalty program benefits or test out other offers that align with your target audience. By extending the conversation online after the pop up has closed you’re sure to transform your one-time shoppers into long-term brand advocates.

If you’ve been thinking about trying out a pop up space then talk to us! Creative Hire can help your brand formulate a well-planned and flawlessly executed pop up strategy that’s sure to attract attention, engage customers and drive sales beyond expectations. With our new modular retail hire product range and extensive experience, you have everything you need to succeed in both a long and short-term temporary retail environment this season.

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