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How to make event attendees fall in love with your stand

Creating an engaging exhibition stand for your event is one thing, but once you’ve got the structure built and it’s on display for all to see, that’s when you need to think about how to engage with visitors.

A quality exhibition stand always makes a great first impression. It catches the eye of a potential customer and effectively reaches the target audience. But even fantastic stands can turn into a bad investment due to poor planning. One thing is for sure: if you want to stand out among all others, then you must prepare for the big day – who, what and how will you make event attendees fall in love with your stand and brand?

Here are five things to consider now that your stand is built.

1.  Use social media to promote your stand

You’re going to a conference, exhibition, or event, and you want to make sure you get in on all the action! The best way to do that is by using social media. Only 61% of businesses currently use social media to promote their attendance at an upcoming trade showBrandon Gaille*. If you’re not using social media to promote your attendance at a trade show, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity!

It’s important to let your potential customers know you’ll be attending and provide some insight into the functions of your business, your products or USPs. Incorporating things like personal hashtags can also work in your favour to gain some traction for your display and stand out amongst your competitors.

Brochure holder with QR Code check-in hand sanitiser at IQA Conference at Newcastle Convention Centre

2.  Capture leads and have a plan in place for follow-up

Did you know that only 40% of exhibitors follow up with their leads three to five days after the show?Jobs in Marketing*. If you’re one of the other 60%, you’re missing out on the full potential of the leads you could’ve captured at your exhibition.

Email marketing is a fantastic way to follow up with your leads after a show and to remind people who you are and what you’re doing. It also gives you an opportunity to offer something extra – maybe a discount on services or products that match the interests of your target audience at the trade show.

A hot tip to make this whole process of data capture easier is having a QR code at your stand that links to your form. If you can provide an incentive (e.g. a promotional giveaway, even better!), it’ll be an easy sell for visitors with busy schedules who might otherwise overlook it.

3.  Make sure your staff are ready for anything

Don’t just stand there, stand out! A great exhibition stand is more than just a pretty display; it must be built and run by a team who knows how to engage with event attendees. As the face of the brand, it’s essential to make sure your team is ready to wow everyone they meet – a smile goes a long way.

It’s easy to forget about the actual people that come to your stand once it’s built. But remember, they’re the reason you’re there! According to Highway 85 Creative*, at least 85% of the success of an exhibition is due to the staff on the day, and 74% of attendees believe engaging with the exhibitors makes them more likely to actually buy the products/services on display Hill & Partners*.

4.  Everyone loves freebies!

Let’s be honest though, they’re not just for fun. Giveaways are also a great tool for promotion. According to Princeton Marketing*, 52% of attendees are more likely to enter an exhibit if they’re offering some kind of giveaway or freebie – and we can see why. From magnets to pens or notepads, there are many inexpensive ideas you can use to entice visitors and be remembered by them among several hundred exhibitors.

Better yet, running a competition or giveaway with your brand is another key way to get your audience engaged and capture data – but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

5.  Hey Siri, “turn on the mood lighting”

Colour is the first thing that draws people in. It’s a powerful tool and can be used to create an image in your customers’ minds. If you plan to exhibit, you need to pay attention to how your brand will be represented through colour. For example, orange stimulates the senses and is great for bringing energy to a stand. Red has been proven to increase heart rate and blood pressure – so if you’re looking for an exciting display, this is the colour for you. Be sure to use these colours in harmony with your logo and other branding elements that you plan to display on the day.

Similarly, lighting plays an important role in conveying the tone of your brand at the exhibition. Well-lit, bright displays are more likely to garner interest and stand out among competitors. Aim to keep an edge over your competitors!

There’s a lot to consider once your stand is built, so use this advice to ensure your stand isn’t just getting noticed on the day, but left with attendees who’ve already fallen in love with your brand or product before they’re even close enough to touch.

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