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Why you should activate your retail space for Mother’s Day & 5 creative ideas to implement

Why you should activate your retail space for Mother’s Day & 5 creative ideas to implement

Mother’s day is almost upon us once again, and with eased restrictions, shopping in-store is back. This means that all the hustle and bustle of shopping precincts, city centres and public spaces will be the perfect place for your next retail display or brand activation.


If you’re feeling a little low on creative juices – don’t panic! We’ve compiled a list of the up and coming experiential marketing trends of 2022, so you know you’re hitting the mark with your display and campaign. So, keep reading for your display and brand activation inspo…

colourful retail kiosk for mothers day with arch signage wrapping station
  1. Make it an experience

Invite your customers to enter your world, understand your brand, try your products, and have a truly memorable experience in your retail space. Know who your audience is. As it’s Mother’s Day, your audience might be a little different this time. Perhaps it’s a husband, a child, a sister or a Mum herself.


What do these consumers want? How do they think and shop? When planning your Mother’s Day retail display, cover all the bases: Music, product samples, TV screens, posters, offers and visually aesthetic merchandising and branding.

2. Influencers are more than just a number

Consumers look to official and unofficial brand ambassadors called “influencers” when making buying decisions. They differ from celebrity endorsements because consumers see them as more authentic and reachable. Influencers gain followers who “like” their posts or comment, and their influence grows as their number of followers increases.


Having an influencer post about your retail or pop up display gives you more exposure. Be sure to allow for photo walls and backgrounds to allow for consumers to share your work. Even better, hold the activation in a well-known, popular space or landmark and watch the people flock in to see what’s happening once it’s posted.

3. They’re into interactive

This one fits hand-in-hand with a hybrid event model, but virtual reality is on the rise (I’m sure you’ve heard of the Metaverse, right?). More than interactive video games, consumers will immerse themselves into a virtual life by donning headsets and possibly other wearable hardware. They’re willing to create personalised avatars and navigate and engage with other avatars in experiences that look, feel and sound authentic. Weaving these technologies into experiential marketing events will help brands engage with consumers and create curated memorable experiences.


Think of ways you can incorporate some interactive experiences into your brand activation. If you get stuck, we have a team of project managers who can help you every step of the way, from concept creation to logistics and production.

Mother's Day retail pop up activation

4. Better safe than sorry

Flexibility, safety and – more specifically, hand sanitiser – will be sticking around for all of 2022. Experiential marketing events and retail displays may take a while to plan, which means a lot can change from conception to implementation. Given that the pandemic is still lingering, brands will need contingency plans such as moving to outdoor or virtual events. Instead of large, complex events that require long lead times, we’re likely to see smaller, more flexible last-minute mobile popups and retail activations. Plus, things like sanitiser stands are imperative at any and all activations, something that we can help with, too.


Technology is also lending a hand to making events safer. Contactless pay was already widely used, erupting during the pandemic. Scannable QR codes, wearable contact tracing systems, facial recognition technology, contactless check-ins, virtual queuing systems and electronic vaccination status apps are just a few technologies that marketers are incorporating to reduce long lines and facilitate safer interactions.

5. Sustain-able

Consumers are paying more attention to brands’ stated values. Support is being shifted to companies who have causes they care about, and consumers want to ensure businesses are ‘walking the walk’. This means the story you tell of your brand’s commitment to environmentally-safe measures should align with your exhibition stand and marketing activations. We can help to tell that story in a way that leaves a lasting impact on the consumer.

How we can help you?

A stunning retail display creates buying customers and can make the difference between a successful campaign and a failed one. Partner with us to plan, design, and install your retail display so that it creates the biggest impact possible. We offer both short- and long-term hire of retail display elements and signage, and can custom-design as required for your retail environment.

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